Will Volkswagen Overtake Tesla to Become the Leader of EV Production?

April 19th, 2021 by
It won’t be much longer until American customers are able to purchase an electric Volkswagen near Las Cruces NM. According to sales figures published in January, Volkswagen sold about 231,600 battery-powered electric vehicles during 2020. And although Tesla sold over twice as many units as this, VW’s numbers show an increase of 214% from the year before. In other words, more than three times as many Volkswagen Group EVs were sold in 2020 as were in 2019. Tesla’s numbers were up by about one-third from the previous year. It would appear that the leading electric car manufacturer has some competition from Germany’s formidable auto industry.
Tesla may be the leader in the electric vehicle battle right now, but it could easily be outdone by the VW Auto Group by the end of this year. Volkswagen AG, which is the parent company for Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Skoda, VW, and others, is probably the most willing ICE (internal combustion engine) automaker to dive into the EV market right now. Volkswagen has only just begun to offer genuine competition in the EV segment, and has spent more money than all its competitors in a worldwide attempt by automakers to surpass Tesla.
As car buyers begin to respond more positively to electric vehicles, Volkswagen said it intends to devote $43 billion to them by 2025. The company also plans to introduce around 70 pure electric models spanning its 12 automobile brands by 2030, and to produce 22 million electric vehicles over the next 10 years. The CEO of VW Passenger Cars, Ralf Brandstӓtter, was quoted as saying, “We are on track to achieve our aim of becoming the market leader in battery electric vehicles.”
Five different models made up the 2020 totals for the VW Group: the Porsche Taycan, Audi E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback, and the Volkswagen ID.3, e-Golf, and e-Up. The top seller was the ID.3, then the Audi E-Tron, followed by the e-Golf. However, for 2021 the VW ID.4 will finally go on sale and thanks to it having a crossover or SUV body style, it’ll most likely be an even bigger success than the ID.3. And unlike its predecessor, the ID.4 will be sold in the U.S., making it the first electric Volkswagen near Las Cruces NM to be offered in our area.
Electric Volkswagen near Las Cruces NM has the Beetle’s Charm
With the same easy charm of the classic VW Beetle, the fun and friendly looking ID.4 gets a blue ribbon for design. It gets bonus points for its additional glimmer from the row of lights across the front and the glow of the VW logo in the center. The ID.4 has the more traditional look of a regular ICE crossover, rather than a futuristic look. It’s a compact crossover intended to be just odd enough to keep things fun.
When you enter the EV while carrying the key fob, simply press down on the brake pedal and the ID.4 starts up, with no need to even press a start button. If you glance down into the footwell you’ll notice the triangular “play” symbol on the accelerator and the double bar “pause” symbol on the brake, some just-for-fun imagery to remind us of the electronic connection.
The ID.4 will first arrive in rear-wheel drive, but will later be offered with AWD. It has a low center of gravity thanks to the floor mounted battery and instant torque, which make it a really fun to drive family-mobile. Body roll is minimal and the drive itself is smooth and quiet. It’s sleek looking, with a coupe-like shape, and has a two-tone paint job; a silver roof comes on all models.
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