Volkswagen ID 4 in Albuquerque NM is the First VW All-Electric Car

After missing out on the Volkswagen first all-electric car, the ID.3 hatchback (released in Europe) get ready for the upcoming fully electric SUV, the VW ID.4 in Albuquerque NM.

VW ID 4 in Albuquerque NM.pngThe ID.4 is the first fully electric SUV/crossover from Volkswagen coming to the US market, and will make its global debut near the end of September. Little by little, the company has been giving snippets of information to hype up anticipation for the launch. The ID.4 will be classed in the increasingly popular small SUV category.

Last month Volkswagen released photos of the exterior. The smaller ID.3 is basically stretched out to accommodate a larger sized vehicle. It has a sleeker look than the ID.3 and has a higher ground clearance. It has a wide front face, and very short overhangs. Modern styling, yes, but the shape is also all about functionality. With the flowing shape of the VW ID.4 in Albuquerque NM, the company nailed several high priority items for electric vehicles.

VW ID 4 in Albuquerque NM on the MEB Platform

The brand-new crossover will ride on the Volkswagen MEB (modular electric architecture) platform, which is designed to sustain a wide variety of future VW electric vehicles. At launch it’ll be offered in rear-wheel drive but expect all-wheel drive to be available at a later date. It’s expected to get around 300 miles of range on a battery that’s fully charged.
As Volkswagen has pointed out, a lot more space has been freed up. The outcome is a roomier cabin, which makes the VW ID.4 in Albuquerque NM feel more like a conventional SUV in the mid-sized segment. The cargo area reportedly has 30.3 cubic feet of space with the back seats are still upright.

New images that reveal the interior were the latest teasers released by Volkswagen. In the photos the cabin certainly looks spacious and airy, having large windows and great forward visibility. While not overly minimalist, the interior is sparse, or “lightweight” as it’s referred to by the company, and focuses on the essential. The pictures show a small screen behind the steering wheel for the instrument cluster, and a larger home screen for navigation, entertainment, and other functions. A row of buttons align below the dash and a panel of buttons appears to the left of the steering wheel.

VW ID 4 in Albuquerque NM.jpgA light strip below the windshield dubbed the “ID. Light” system may be a draw for some buyers. The light will change color and blink to differentiate among functions such as incoming calls, locking the doors, navigation prompts, and more.

The latest video released shows the VW ID.4 in Albuquerque NM boasting its utility capabilities, which include towing a trailer. The company reports the SUV will have a maximum towing capacity of 4,200 lbs, which is more than adequate for a vehicle this size. (For reference, the larger, more powerful, and more expensive Tesla Model X can manage 5,000 lbs.)

Specifics aren’t out yet, but several trim levels, kicked off by the ID.4 1st Max limited edition. Power seats with massage are included along with animal-free fabrics that combine leatherette and a microfiber material made from 20% recycled plastic bottles.

The Volkswagen flagship EV for the US is part of the VW “worldwide strategy to deliver millions of electric vehicles to help combat global climate change.” Buyers can use the VW brand new pre-order system and reserve an ID.4 for only $100 later this month.

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