Volkswagen Atlas Outclasses the 2021 Honda Pilot in Albuquerque NM

March 7th, 2021 by

While Honda has reigned as an SUV trend setter for years, the 2021 Honda Pilot in Albuquerque NM suffers in comparison to the Volkswagen Atlas. An abundance of space, technological enhancements, and a wider stance serve as key points where the Atlas gains more attention from prospective buyers. Safety features and refreshing price applications easily serve as catalysts in deciding to drive off in the Atlas.

Pricing and Packages

The 2021 Honda Pilot in Albuquerque NM is offered in a diverse price range. Starting at the low end, it is stickered with a $32,550 price tag. The Special Edition comes equipped with everything Pilot offers and starts at $39,260. The Atlas, however, has streamlined the process and displays its features at a more competitive price range. With three different packages, the Atlas bundles its various features to make the selection process much simpler. Starting at $31,555, the Atlas S gets the job done as the base package. With one stop in the middle, the Atlas SE with Technology commands the top tier ranking with an initial cost of $36,995. With an outstanding range of features available at a more competitive cost ratio, the Atlas proves to be the better buy.


2021 Honda Pilot in Albuquerque NM: Safe Delivery
Stacking safety features within the vehicle, both the Atlas and the Pilot concentrate on transporting passengers with the utmost of care. The Atlas just accomplishes the task in a better fashion. While both offer diverse and abundant views of the vehicle, the Atlas adds a safety cage that provides a circle of trust. The driver and passengers easily find confidence in crumple zones located in the front and rear of the vehicle. A rigidity factor directs forces of impact away from occupants. The Atlas furthers its shroud of safety with Volkswagen’s Intelligent Crash Response System which enables the hazard lights in the event of a crash. Additionally, the fuel pump is rendered inoperable, and the doors are unlocked automatically. Harnessing technology like this, the Atlas sets the standard in automotive safety.
Control in the Palm of Your Hand
The 2021 Honda Pilot in Albuquerque NM features the HondaLink technology, but the Atlas takes cellular phone control a step further with Volkswagen Car-Net. This highly specialized app provides a surplus of remote commands that pamper drivers. The smart Parking Info features ensures Atlas operators will never spend valuable time searching for the vehicle in a parking lot. Appeasing the passengers, Car-Net provides the coveted hot spot capability that brings smiles to all Atlas passengers.
Competing Interiors
If interior comparisons were a race, the Atlas and the Pilot would be running dead even towards the checkered flag, The Atlas would slingshot past the Pilot at the last second to claim victory. Large screens and vibrant graphics make the driving experience even more pleasurable. The full length moonroof provides a luxurious interior of natural life. Charging ports are strategically located throughout the vehicle that provide equality for all. No one will be waiting for another passenger to finish with a port. Third row seating folds down to increase storage capacity making travel a cinch. Lastly, the tightly woven steering wheel is proudly adorned with Volkswagen badging and provides a surplus of features. With everything the Atlas provides inside, passengers will reluctantly exit the vehicle upon arriving at their destination. To learn more how the Atlas outranks the Pilot, contact Fiesta Volkswagen at 8201 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque NM.
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