At Fiesta Volkswagen in Albuquerque, We're Here to Meet All Your Automotive Needs 

Buying a vehicle should be an exciting experience, and the Fiesta Volkswagen team is ready to show you the many options available. Whether you're shopping for a new Volkswagen or a quality pre-owned vehicle, we're here to help. Though there are certainly other dealerships in the area we're here to show you our sales, financing, service, and parts departments are truly dedicated to meeting your needs today and into the future. Whether you're from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Belen, or anywhere else in the area, you'll always be welcome at Fiesta Volkswagen.

We've Got the Selection of New Volkswagens You're Looking For

Because there are several Volkswagen models to choose from, we do our best to keep a large inventory. We want to ensure you have an opportunity to explore each option before deciding which model will best fit your needs. We've got performance-oriented models for drivers who want to push the envelope and larger vehicles to meet the needs of a growing family.

Since pricing is an issue for some car shoppers, our inventory includes vehicles with a variety of price points. That means you're sure to find a vehicle that's both affordable and right for your family's needs.

If you've got questions about specific models, features, or service, we encourage you to contact our qualified team for all the answers you may need. At the same time, feel free to browse our large selection of new vehicles online website or stop in for a first-hand look at any car on the lot.

Discover Volkswagen Models to Meet Your Needs

There are several Volkswagen models available at Fiesta Volkswagen in Albuquerque, and each is designed to fill a specific niche. That means we have a Volkswagen model suited to your lifestyle and budget. Let's find out which of the models grabs your attention!

·        The Volkswagen Arteon is fun to drive and is loaded with amenities modern drivers demand. If you're looking for a premium sedan that's got America's best bumper-to-bumper warranty, take the time to check out the all-new Arteon today.

·        With room for seven, the Volkswagen Atlas challenges the conceptions car shoppers have about Volkswagen's being smaller, practical vehicles. With plenty of power combined with comfort for every passenger, the Volkswagen Atlas competes nicely with models from other manufacturers. If you're considering an SUV, you've got to test drive the Atlas!

·        With one of the best all-wheel-drive systems available, the new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack has plenty to offer adventure-oriented buyers who also want comfort and reliability. If you're dreaming of vacationing off-the-beaten-path, the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is a must-see vehicle. Of course, you'll also love the Volkswagen Alltrack on those winter mornings when snow covers Albuquerque or when you need to venture into the East Mountains.

·        The Volkswagen Golf hatchback is a great economical option that can easily maneuver through Big I rush hour traffic. This vehicle is a great option for longer trips as well thanks to its enhanced comfort features. If you're looking for a little fire under the hood, move up to the Golf R model. With a high-performance, turbocharged engine, the Golf R tames curves and powers past competitor's sports models.

·        While the era of the Volkswagen Beetle is coming to an end, we've still got plenty of 2019 models available. With over 300 days of sun in Albuquerque, there are plenty of days to enjoy the top-down, wind-in-you-hair adventure of a Volkswagen Beetle convertible. To get this automotive icon, stop in and pick out your new ride.

Of course, we can't begin to discuss all the colors, combinations, and options available on every Volkswagen model on our lot. Visit the dealership and discuss your ideal Volkswagen with a sales team member for a comprehensive explanation of what's offered and how each option may fulfill your needs.

Looking for a Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Many of today's shoppers are looking for quality, pre-owned vehicles. In some cases, it's what the shopper can afford. In other instances, those shoppers want to take advantage of great prices on quality vehicles without worrying as much about depreciation. Whatever the reason, we'll be looking for new and innovative ways to provide the quality used vehicles our customers are looking for.

Remember that used vehicle inventories are always changing. While we may not have the perfect vehicle for your needs today, an ideal car, truck, or SUV might become available in the very near future. That's why we encourage you to let our sales staff know what you're looking for. We'll contact you immediately if we take in a trade or purchase a vehicle we think you'll like.

Explore Our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Selection

For extra value, check out our certified pre-owned Volkswagen inventory. Many of our customers are hesitant to consider a pre-owned vehicle because they're concerned about hidden defects. While all our pre-owned vehicles must pass rigorous inspections before making it to the lot, we offer even greater peace of mind through our CPO program. When you purchase a certified pre-owned Volkswagen, that vehicle will already have passed a comprehensive 100+ point inspection conducted by our certified technicians. Any Volkswagen that doesn't pass a pre-determined set of strict standards cannot be certified as like-new.

When you select a certified pre-owned Volkswagen, you're also protected with a model-specific warranty that covers the vehicle whether you're in the Albuquerque area or far from home. The limited warranty takes effect when the original factory warranty expires or on the date you take delivery, depending on the vehicle's mileage.

Meet Our Team of Sales Professionals

At Fiesta Volkswagen in Albuquerque, we've assembled a team of sales experts to guide you through the search for a new vehicle. That means those pros will carefully listen to what your needs are and do whatever it takes to match those needs with an appropriate vehicle.

Being a sales professional includes more than being a good listener. Sales professionals go through rigorous training so they will always have up-to-date knowledge related to all Volkswagen models. We know you want our sales team to explain why we're recommending one model over another or why it's in your best interests to consider different financing options, so we study the competition as well.

Our customers are family to us, so never be afraid to stop in and chat with our sales team. We're happy to see you and want you to feel at home in our dealership. Fiesta Volkswagen's team of professionals prides itself on building strong customer relationships. We'll be here to help you in any way we can both before and after you purchase a vehicle.

Financing Your New Vehicle

Very few car buyers are able to pay cash for their new vehicle. The vast majority of buyers require some type of financing. That's why we've got financing experts on hand to work with buyers who need new or used vehicle financing.

One of the questions car shoppers need to have answered is whether leasing is the right option. In many cases, leasing a vehicle is definitely worth considering, as the total cost of driving can be lower when vehicles are leased.

However, there are times when purchasing a vehicle is the best option. That's especially true if the buyer intends to put a lot of miles on the vehicle or that vehicle will get especially hard use. Both high mileage and excessive wear tend to increase the total cost of a lease. If you've got any questions related to the pros and cons of leasing, our dedicated lending team will explain the options and make it easier for buyers to decide which option best fits their needs.

At the same time, many buyers today have less-than-stellar credit ratings. The Fiesta Volkswagen financing team has numerous options available to help buyers who've experienced credit issues in the past. In most cases, there will be loan options available to help buyers with lower-than-average credit ratings obtain financing and rebuild their credit.

Customize Your New Volkswagen to Make it Your Own

Yes, you can easily design any new Volkswagen reflect your needs and lifestyle. Our parts and accessories experts will help you select options that make your new Volkswagen special. Our parts team has everything from car care products to accessories like communication and wheel upgrades.

If you're an outdoors enthusiast, check out our bike, boat, and ski racks. We've even got tow hitches to expand the ways to use your new Volkswagen. In addition, travelers love the custom-designed cargo organizers for those long trips to the mountains. 

Since there are so many ways to personalize your new Volkswagen, it's a good idea to stop in and visit the Fiesta Volkswagen Parts team and have them help you choose exciting accessories to move your new Volkswagen to the next level.

Getting Service Is Always Easy

While we believe Volkswagen produces one of the most reliable lines of vehicles currently available, there are still times when maintenance and repairs will be needed. That's why we've made it simple to schedule a visit to the Fiesta Volkswagen service department. Our team of advisors and technicians will gladly walk you through the scheduling process, but it's also simple to set up an appointment using our online service scheduler.

Our technicians are the best of the best and have completed countless hours of training to keep abreast of the latest Volkswagen models. Of course, we also have the diagnostic equipment needed to identify any issues a vehicle may experience.

Since not all owners share the same driving conditions, our team of experts is poised to offer recommendations for specific types of maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your Volkswagen. Your owner's manual is a great general guide for when and how to maintain your vehicle, but there are times when your driving habits will dictate modifications to the recommended maintenance schedule.

Using Genuine Volkswagen Parts is Always Recommended

At Fiesta Volkswagen, we only use genuine Volkswagen parts to keep your vehicle running the way it should. Our Parts experts keep a supply of parts on hand to deal with the majority of maintenance and repair needs. In the event your vehicle needs a part that's not commonly required, we take steps to expedite the shipping process so you're not inconvenienced any more than absolutely necessary.

If you prefer to take care of some maintenance issues yourself, we're here to provide the parts you'll need. Using genuine Volkswagen parts protects your investment and provides peace of mind we know you'll enjoy.

Explore the Many Drive Easy Protection Plans

Drivers today face a variety of risks, and we've got the solutions you need to make sure you're protected when the unexpected happens. Service plans extend your factory warranty to minimize the potential for experiencing expensive repairs. GAP plans eliminate the worries many of our customers face when financing a new vehicle. We even have a plan that handles the cost and inconvenience of replacing lost keys. Fiesta Volkswagen also offer a plan designed for our customers who lease vehicles allowing us to waive wear charges at the end of a lease.

There are several other protection plans available to provide peace of mind in a variety of circumstances. We'll gladly explain all of our options and help you determine which ones offer the greatest value for your specific needs.

Discover Fiesta Volkswagen Today

We're located in Albuquerque, but also serve Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and all of central New Mexico. Our customers know it's worth driving a few extra miles to get the best service anywhere in the region.

Because we believe you deserve the best service, we're open when you need us. Our showroom is open seven days a week to make sure we're available at a time that fits your schedule. Our Parts and Service departments are open six days a week to make scheduling those oil changes and other maintenances convenient.

Fiesta Volkswagen also welcomes your comments and suggestions. We strive to be perfect, but the reality is that there is always room for improvement. If you've got questions or suggestions, we encourage you to stop by our showroom, call our team members, or provide feedback online

If you want to schedule an appointment to test drive a new Volkswagen Arteon, Atlas, Golf, or Beetle, we're always ready to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please contact us if you've got any questions about our sales, service, or parts departments. 

Are you looking for the newest Volkswagen model from a car dealer in Albuquerque NM ? Fiesta Volkswagen is here to respond to your needs. We take pride in being a premium Volkswagen dealer in Albuquerque New Mexico.

When you are looking for any new Volkswagen models, you can be assured that you will be able to find it on our lot.

We Will Help You Find Your Dream Car

Fiesta Volkswagen, a recognized Albuquerque NM Volkswagen dealership is here to connect you to your dream car. Simply browse through our New Inventory page to find the model that best meets your needs. Once you find the car you're interested in, contact us to get more information on scheduling a test drive. We will also provide you with a price quote, financing information, and assistance throughout the purchase process.

When you contact our Volkswagen dealership, we promise to give you an exceptional experience and plenty of information without any pressure to buy.

New Inventory Page

Our New Inventory page gives you the ability to search for vehicles depending on your desired price range. You can also customize the search according to your preferred fuel economy, seating room, or even color. Check out our Featured Inventory as well to see the hottest models on the market.  

Finances Center

Our Finance Department is eager to offer varied financing options for your new vehicle. Experiment with the online car loan calculator to instantly get an estimated car loan rate. If you'd like to apply for a loan, simply proceed to the online finance application. We are here to find the perfect car loan option for your needs.

We also have an option for low-interest loans, available for those who qualify. Buyers looking for a specific loan term will be relieved to know we can adjust the contract terms to alter the monthly payments.

Choose a Vehicle in Your Budget

Fiesta Volkswagen in Albuquerque NM understands that not everyone can spare a lot of money when buying, hence, you can also search our website by payment. This means you will be able to find the best vehicle fit for your needs depending on your preferred budget. Best of all, within our New Inventory page is an option for a Virtual Test Drive. Take a look at some of the uploaded videos for an almost real-life experience of driving the car of your choice. We also provide information about the model and its warranty.

Our Goal is to Give You the Best Service

We make it our goal to give you the best auto shopping experience, whether you visit us on our website or in person. If you have further questions, feel free to contact our product specialists. We are happy to say that our team is seasoned in handling all your vehicle-related questions. Contact us today if you're interested in upgrading your vehicle or learning more about any of the vehicles in our inventory.